Singletrail Riding Course

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Course highlights
- Courses designed by our experts
- Small groups for good learning
- Superb trails and terrain

Each course is carefully designed to give maximum improvement through a series of skills sessions, individual and group feedback then application of those skills to real trail situations. We have perfected this through our years of mtb skills instruction experience.

This course teaches you the right skills in the right way - ideal for complete novices or those who are currently riding easier trails and want to progress to intermediate level mountain biking terrain. You'll learn about body position for riding on descents and technical climbs, how and when to control your speed, handle corners, pick lines, control direction and vision, and blaze through difficult terrain. The aim is to make you a confident and safe biker, equipped to hit the trails and have some fun.

Get Started Skills Itinerary
Uneven terrain, Climbing, Braking, Cadence, Body position, Descending, Weight shift, Corners, How to use gears
Group Price (3 to max. 6 persons) € 68,00
June to October 9:30 am to 12:30 pm

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